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About us


mm customer strategy is a management consultancy specialising in market research and data-based strategy projects.

Working from own market studies and customer data analyses, we develop quantitative market and marketing strategies for B2C and B2B markets.

WHAT WE STAND FOR: Customer science meets strategy

Strategy development depends upon market research, as a good strategy requires vision and hard facts. In order to obtain reliable base data for strategic decisions, it is necessary to link diverse competences.

We combine the strategic perspective and quality standards of a management consultancy with the methodical expertise of a market research institute, as we firmly believe this is the only way to achieve relevant and valid results.

  • Strategic perspective: Only by asking the right questions will you obtain relevant answers. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the market, competitive environment and the challenges faced by a company.
  • Market research expertise:
    At the same time methodological expertise is equally necessary to ensure that information is collected with statistical accuracy and on teh right topics.
  • Quality standard:
    In place of a flood of data, we supply insightful analyses that combine all existing information into an all-encompassing message, and from which we derive implementable recommendations for action.


We provide our clients with sound recommendations for their business decisions. In order to achieve this we analyse B2C and B2B markets for our clients, forecast market developments and work out segmentation, positioning and marketing strategies.

We usually collect the information required for strategic questions in especially tailored market research studies. We consider this comprehensive approach a key factor in quality, because by working out a market information-based segmentation or business plan, we can know the quality and reliability of each and every figure. If necessary, we verify the plausibility of the data and calibrate it with additional external or internal data sources and publications.

Customer data available in-house can also yield valuable insight for strategy development. Thus it can be feasible to first process the available information with the goal in mind, and make it usable for strategic decisions.

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Yvonne Martini

Yvonne MartiniYvonne Martini is co-founder and managing partner of mm customer strategy GmbH. She previously worked as project manager at Roland Berger Strategy Consulting. More»

Dr. Markus Müller-Martini

Dr. Markus Müller-MartiniDr Müller-Martini is co-founder and managing partner of mm customer strategy GmbH. Prior to establishing mm customer strategy he worked as project manager at Oliver Wyman. More»